Summer Camp

Summer Enrichment Academics and Sports Program.

EduSports has a dual mission of sports and academic excellence. EduSports utilizes sports and health education to promote scholars physical fitness and increase their self esteem, while creating a sense of comraderie. EduSports encourages fun activities to prevent obesity and boost student’s energy in order to promote healthy minds and bodies for academic, social and physical growth. Scholars who participate in EduSports Summer Enrichment Academics and Sports Program take courses that prepare them to be academically competitive. Courses include STEM, and Standard English and Writing, Spanish or French.

Child must attend a minimum of 5 weeks.

Academic Courses: STEM; English; French; Spanish.

Fun Activities:  Arts & Crafts; Music; Dance; Tae Kwon Do; Drama.

Sport: Soccer; Basketball; Baseball; Swimming; Tennis.

Field Trips: Water Wizz; Canobie Lake; Salem Willows; Six Flags; Roller World; Water Country.