About Us

EduSports is a Boston based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We seek to foster
the physical and social development of youth through sports.  EduSports helps to
build a stronger community by helping our youth achieve their academic and
athletic abilities.  EduSports empowers all scholars to become tomorrow’s leaders
by teaching them the fundamentals of good sportsmanship.

At our Before & After School Program we provide homework assistance, tutoring,
mentoring, and recreational opportunities for scholars in grades K-12. In addition
to the homework assistance,  EduSports offers instruction in sports in the areas of
basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis.

EduSports also runs a Summer Enrichment academic and Sports Camp. Scholars
will participate in the Summer Enrichment Sports Camp take courses that prepare
them to be academically competitive for the next grade level. Scholars
participate in courses such as Algebra, Calculus, and Standard English and writing
in the morning and enjoy sport activities in the afternoon. Scholars have the luxury
of choosing electives and field trips at the end of the week.

Sports camps are made available throughout the year, which allow youth to
continue to advance in the sports they enjoy and receive consistent academic

With a commitment to health, EduSports aims to address the growing problem of
obesity in our community by promoting physical activity among youth and adults.
Physical activity offers more than just exercise.  It promotes overall wellness.  In
fact, as parents, educators, coaches and medical leaders we understand that there
is a strong association between exercise and health, quality of life, mental focus,
self-esteem, and academic achievement.

Our primary goals are building confidence and self-esteem helping to build stronger
communities by helping scholars achieve their academic athletic through college
and beyond.

Our core values are the following:


EduSports is dedicated to the personal development and improvement of every
scholar. We believe that any individual has the ability to improve themselves as a
player and as a scholar.